Size Chart

Size Charts 


If you are ever between sizes, we recommend sizing up if you don't like a snug fit! 

Length refers to length of clothing piece, not the child's height. 


Bamboo size charts 



Convertible Rompers (This is accurate for convertible rompers and all long rompers like tank rompers and henley)



This is accurate for all toddler pajama 2 piece sets AND the length will match to toddler tees as well. 





ADULT JOGGER BOTTOMS are unisex pajama pants. Women may want to go by the waist measurement, but men will want to go by the hip measurement because we wear them differently! You would want to go with your true size on these.


Custom denim jacket sizing  

Denim Jacket










Milk Silk Size Charts 

Milk silk halter rompers run the same length as the zippered rompers!  Please size down in milk silk unless you are on the bigger end of your size, these run a size longer than bamboo when you compare our size charts!