Why Milk Silk?

Why milk silk, you might ask? We are a proud bamboo brand, but being able to extend sizing, expand daywear options, and also provide other price points are all very important things to us as a brand!

Why milk silk? Milk silk is actually hypoallergenic and has a similar PH to human skin, so it's great for wicking away moisture and breathing like some of the other fabrics we love! Milk silk is mainly polyester, and gives a beautiful silky feel while being thicker and more durable than our bamboo counterparts (daywear, hello!).


The process of making milk silk is better for the environment than many other fabrics as well. It uses much less water than something like cotton! Milk is natural and free of chemicals. 


The milk fiber protein, casein, contains a large amount of amino acids. Interestingly, this means that your clothing can be hydrating your skin! 


And the best part? We are able to bring these items to you at a cheaper price than bamboo. Bamboo will always be the focus, especially when it comes to the pajamas we all love. But being able to bring in environmentally healthy fabric lines that also have a lower price point? We are sold! We hope you all love milk silk like we do, but if it's not for you, don't worry, bamboo will always be here! 


What other fabrics do you hope to see?

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